Get Your Permit Approved Before Tomorrow

If you have experience applying for permits, you will understand the frustration of having to wait for weeks to get yours approved. Not only that, each permit needs to be filled up a new every time you apply for one.


A web based permit application system, ePermit allows you to receive permit approval from multiple Permit Issuing Agencies (PIA), also known as Other Government Agencies (OGA) via the Internet. Approved permits are sent to Custom’s Sistem Maklumat Kastam for validation and cross-reference against Custom declarations.

How does ePermit help my business?

    Reduce permit processing
    Gone are the days when processing and issuing of permits take weeks. Now permits can be process within a day, saving you precious time with faster approval.

  • Accessible via the Internet
    Accessible with a simple Internet connection, you can now check your permit status easily as well as make enquiries.
  • More transparency
    Approval process that is transparent allows you to keep track on delays and decision-makings.

  • One stop
    Get much more with access to vital information such as tariff code and location codes.
  • Allows you to reuse data from approved permit
    Save time by eliminating the need to for duplicate data entry, saving time and reducing error in data entry.

I would like to begin using ePermit!

    I would like to begin using ePermit!

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